When People Work Together, Amazing Things Get Done!

ChartPerfect is only about healthcare software, it’s whats in our DNA. We work hard every day as a purpose built team to develop software that our clients will not only be proud to use, but to use it to its fullest capabilities.

Healthcare Software is in our DNA!

Headquartered in beautiful San Diego, California since 1999, ChartPerfect has providers just like you, from coast to coast. To be experts at what we do, we only specialize in disciplines that match our users.

ChartPerfect is a privately-held company. Why is that important to our clients. For starters, it means we are working for our clients, and not a group of investors. This also means we can respond quickly to industry challenges, always keeping in mind the importance of value and service to our clients, and not investors. As the needs of the healthcare industry evolve, we change to meet those needs.


Users like you from coast to coast choose to use ChartPerfect and have since 1999. From the very beginning, ChartPerfect has embraced innovation and simplicity. The quest for a superior product, process improvements,  and customer service has been a driving force since our founding in 1999.

Our staff of professionals includes physicians, project managers, software developers, trainers, IT professionals and medical billers from the healthcare field. Each team member is ready to assist with the initial setup all the way through training and Go-Live support.


All the great CEOs will tell you it does not start with the customer, but rather the employee. When your employees are happy, they will keep your customers happy and happy customers means long relationships with everyone. When this happens, everyone wins!

Our staff is immersed in a great work environment. When they take a beak they do so in a break room filled with Air Hockey, Pool, Table Tennis, Darts, Basketball, Table Games, Movies, and the latest game stations with driving chairs and popular games. There are several large screen TVs with comfortable seating for everyone. 

With a fully stocked kitchen, staff members are encouraged to take breaks and refuel with healthy and easy to prepare meals, snacks and drinks. We even prepare a monthly breakfast or lunch with healthy foods the entire team can enjoy.

At ChartPerfect we definitely know the value of a high-tech development area. Each developer station is packed with the latest technology allowing them to reach their potential and goals.  

Stations are electronically adjustable to allow each developer to sit or stand at the correct height. Dual large displays and the latest i7 processors let them get to coding without delays. Chairs are the latest in ergonomic design for a great fit.

Without a solid support team the gears come to a halt. Our support teams use the latest technology including large dual displays and wireless headsets for freedom of movement.

Seated on the window line with open views of the valley, each agent is seated in an ergonomic station and chair, surrounded by a pleasant working environment. The stations are tall to help block out sound, with a glass surround at that top so it does not feel closed in. 

From the very beginning, ChartPerfect has embraced innovation and simplicity. The quest for process improvements, a superior product, and customer service has been a driving force since our founding in 1999. Our philosophy is quite simple – Customer support is our first priority. When you call ChartPerfect you will be greeted by a support specialist who has a deep understanding of our products, services, and the healthcare industry.

We offer comprehensive solutions for managing Electronic Health Records, Practice Management and Managed Billing Services (RCM). We do it with the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and customer service. 

ChartPerfect has continued to thrive since 1999, because we understand our industry and have a private practice as well. Our commitment to delivering innovation, service, and value is steadfast, and that enduring commitment ensures our success as well as that of our clients. We will continue to explore new technologies and work toward simplifying the functionality of our software with the goal of remaining paperless, streamlining visits, processes, and reducing operating costs for our clients.

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