Cloud medical practice management software by ChartPerfect

A More Perfect Way to Manage Your Practice

ChartPerfect’s intuitive, time-saving PM software and services improve the day-to-day operations of your medical practice so you can focus on your patients. Integrated with our best-in-class EHR and RCM software, our cloud-based Practice Management software provides flexible, paperless scheduling and billing modules specifically designed to make your practice healthier from day one.

Top Six Advantages of the ChartPerfect PM System


Scheduling Made Simple

The drag-and-drop scheduler in our Practice Management system makes managing appointments a fast, two-click process. You can manage multiple locations and block time at will. Customized, multi-provider schedules are color coded for easy access, and the built-in appointment reminder engine can send messages to patients via text, email, or phone.


Integrated Eligibility Checks

ChartPerfect’s integrated eligibility can access insurance plan, copay, and deductible details on demand. One-click access is built in, and insurance verification requests can be sent individually or by batch. Responses from insurance companies go directly into ChartPerfect, attach to the appointment details, and carry-forward into the billing module.


Charge Processing

Managing charges in ChartPerfect is paperless, accurate, and perfect for any practice wanting to reduce lost revenue. One-click uploads to the clearinghouse save time, and built-in tools make complicated billing processes easier and more efficient.


Innovative Billing Tools

ChartPerfect’s billing module offers enhanced functionality that reduces your data entry errors. Built-in tools like electronic eligibility checks, Electronic Remittance Advice, digital superbills, coding engines, and claim scrubbing make complicated billing processes easier and more efficient.


Payments and ERAs

Posting payments is fast and easy with ChartPerfect. Our payment module is full-featured, with automated ERA downloads, drag-and-drop copays, and one-click patient statements. We also give you options to find a workflow that fits your practice. You can post manually, download checks from our EDI, separate tasks by staff, or work as a single biller via our Multiple Window system.


Financial Reporting

Putting financial reports at your fingertips, ChartPerfect’s sophisticated, built-in reporting module tracks charges, payments, insurance aging, patient balances, RVUs, and more. Advanced filtering makes reimbursement analysis easy, and all of our reports can be exported to Excel easily.

Take a Closer Look at ChartPerfect

color codedColor Coded Schedules

Create color coded appointment times by provider, type or visit reason. It is much easier to see who is on the schedule when everything is displayed in soft pastel colors.

drag and dropDrag & Drop Rescheduling

Rescheduling or moving a pending appointment is easy in ChartPerfect, just click and drag t to the preferred date and time, all in one click.

Appointment Waiting List

Add patients to the waiting list on booked days. If a time opens the system will automatically prompt the staff to contact the patient to confirm availability.

appointment reminders Appointment Reminders

Send text, email or voice reminders to confirm appointments, send missed appointments recalls, or when a provider is out. Reminders can be used for a variety of unique purposes.

Recurring Appointments Recurring Appointments

Schedule our recurring appointments for patients that need to return for more than one appointment.

Day/Week/Month Views

View your schedule in Day, Week or Month view. You can even display multiple providers schedule side-by-side for the best appointment match.

eligibility verification Eligibility Verification

Eliminate website or telephone verification of insurance. ChartPerfect has a built in eligibility verification system to do the work for you, ahead of time, or at check in.

Take Copays & Payments

Take copays and payments during the check in process. All payments are automatically passed to the billing department in real time.

Blocking Schedule Slots

Block any date or time when a provider needs to take themselves of their normal schedule. You can even list the reason for the block like “out for the day”.

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