Our Mission
We will never stop moving forward, developing new products and taking on new challenges. ChartPerfect helps providers become more efficient, connected, and trusted by patients. Our goal is to make that happen for medical practices in every community, nationwide.
Our Values

Healthcare software is part of our DNA. We recognize a good company is only strong with good people behind it. We value the relationships with our clients, partners, and employees, and put people’s interests before everything else. We have a high standard for our products and services, and continuously invest in meeting them.

Our Promise
We are driven to be our best through innovation, service, dedication and unrivalled care for our clients. Our commitment is to provide you with advanced technology that is easy to manage, that always represents your practice, and enables you to progress toward new levels of success.

Our Story

From the very beginning, ChartPerfect has embraced innovation and simplicity. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Diego, we started out as a local California software company on the quest to eliminate paper, automate time consuming tasks, and improve the patient experience. From being ranked top ambulatory EHR by Black Book to meeting the most rigorous ONC requirements, we have done it all.

We’re no longer just an EHR software company — we are a partner for value-based care. We know the difference that even a few hours saved can make in a busy work week. ChartPerfect gives you more time to do what matters most, your love of healthcare. Our products can be completely tailored to practices of all specialties and sizes. Seamlessly integrated, our electronic health record (EHR), practice management and revenue cycle management solutions empower providers with the tools they need to be able to fully focus on their patients and grow their practice through meaningful interactions.

For more than 20 years, ChartPerfect has continued to thrive because we understand the complex healthcare landscape. Our commitment to delivering innovation, service, and value is steadfast, and that enduring commitment ensures our success as well as that of our clients.

Building a practice is challenging these days — running it should not be. Ultimately, our goal is to provide practices with advanced healthcare technologies that enhance clinical workflow, reduce operational expenses, and optimize the provider-patient relationship. We believe it’s the independent practice, like yours, that will help make a better tomorrow for all patients. As our products and teams continue to grow, one thing stays the same; our mission of keeping things simple and to assist healthcare providers like you, to succeed from day one.

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  • 1999 – ChartPerfect Launches

    Our first version of our EHR and PM v1.0 is released for small practice. Many new features are scheduled to keep pace with this changing industry.
  • 2000 – National clearinghouse partnership announced

    With the latest tools and features, we released v2.0. New features for faster posting of batch payments and charges by line-item.We also announced our partnership with national clearinghouse.
  • 2001 – Release of Version 2.1

    The release of v2.1 included many enhancements to the scheduling system, including multiple providers and room based features. A new color coded calendar with week view was also added.
  • 2002 – Version 2.2 Includes Insurance Carriers

    Version 2.2 included sophisticated integration of multiple insurance carriers. Additionally, new features for workers compensation insurance billing were added.
  • 2003 – Integrated EMR

    Version 3.0 now includes an integrated EMR. Our integrated EMR will pass data between PM and EMR. New powerful features for managing patient notes, medications and vitals were updated. Additionally, v3.0 has new scheduling features to improve the check-in process.
  • 2004 – Version 4.0 is Launched

    With the release of v4.0, we introduced new features for faster clinical notes, faster searches and a provider list view.
  • 2005 – Release of v5.0

    In version v5.0 we introduced new features for scanning images directly into the EMR. Additionally, new enhancements were added to the billing module for electronic super-bills, to add more automation to the billing system.
  • 2006 – Version 6.0 Launched

    We annoounced v6.0 which included features such as compatibility with Remote Desktop Access, improved note entry using custom templates, and printing of paper lab orders.
  • 2007 – Gateway EDI and Office Ally Uploading

    Version 6.5 introduces new features for direct uploading to Gateway EDI and Office Ally to our practice management module.
  • 2008 – Tablet PC Compatibility

    With this version 7.0 comes new features for Tablet PC compatibility and image editing. Compatibility for Dragon Medical 9 has been added, and new enhancements to take payments at check-in.
  • 2009 – Major Lab Integrations & ePrescibing

    Version 8.0 features the integration of Quest and LabCorp e-Labs, Dragon Medical Dictation version 10, ERA payment processing, e-Eligibility through Gateway EDI, e-Statements, e-faxing in and out of the EMR. Also included are enhancements to the super-bill to allow providers to auto-bill directly from the EMR. We have also announced integration of e-prescribing to come in late 2009.
  • 2010 – Version 9 is Launched

    We released a brand new design for v9.0. Included in this new version were over 100 enhancements to existing functions and new features including, multiple office locations, multiple open windows using tabs, larger screens & fonts, drag & drop appointments, improved labs, and additional templates for more than 18 specialties.
  • 2011 – 2011 Black Book Rankings Top Performing EHR Vendors

    ChartPerfect received a Top 20 EHR ranking for ambulatory (2-5 physicians) Electronic Health Record software by Black Book™ Rankings.
  • 2012 – Black Book Ranking – 2012

    Version 9.2 was released and we now offer new electronic laboratory interfaces for CPL, Solstas and Millennium Labs. For the second year in a row, ChartPerfect received a Top 20 EHR for ambulatory (2-5 physicians) Electronic Health Records, according to Black Book™ Rankings.
  • 2013 – Black Book Ranking – 2013

    We announced the release of our Medical Billing Service (RCM). We offer our small and medium size practices access to our billing service for a nominal fee starting at 5%. Included in this service is a monthly reporting tool and a collections activity reports. ChartPerfect is ranked again for the third year in a row as a Top 20 EHR for ambulatory (2-5 physicians) Electronic Health Records by Black Book™.
  • 2014 – Release of v9.3

    With the release of v9.3 includes a completely updated Web Based Appointment Reminder System. Our new appointment reminder system requires no hardware to set up or manage. The Dialer will call each patient and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointments using their telephone keypad. Each practice will be able to use our new module for several time-consuming tasks, including following up on no-show appointments.
  • 2015 – Black Book 2015 – Ranked #14 for Dermatology EHR Solutions

    Version 9.35. Included in our new version is the ability to import any windows file format, including videos and native PDF files. Acrendo also announced the new Phone Log module to track telephone call specific information for each patient. ChartPerfect is recognized again for the forth year by Black Book Ranking as a Top 20 EHR for Dermatology based Electronic Health Records systems for ambulatory practices (2-5 physicians).
  • 2016 – Release of v9.5

    Version 9.4 is set to be released in January and includes speed improvements, additional user settings to improve screen and fot sizes for larger displays.
  • 2017 – 2017 Black Book Rankings Top Performing Dermatology EHR Vendors

    Version 9.4 includes minor improvements to Windows 10 Pro compatibility and our scanning and drawing on screen modules for document management. Survey results from Black Book™ Research has established ChartPerfect as a leading ambulatory EHR vendor for Dermatology, with top survey scores across all performance areas, from customization to service and support.
  • 2018 – Release of v9.5

    With the release of v9.5 we have introduced more than 100 interfaces to laboratores, diagnostic centers and vaccine registries.
  • 2019 – ChartPerfect launches telemedicine platform

    v9.55 introduces the addition of our Telemedicine module. This new module allows providers to conduct virtual office visits with patients who are unable to attend in person visits. ChartPerfect is recognized as the top-rated endocrinology and urology EHR vendor for ambulatory practices with 2-5 physicians according to new survey results from Black Book™ Research.
  • 2020 – ChartPerfect launches free patient portal

    With our latest version 9.6 we now include an improved image editing program, more powerful interface to our new Patient Portal and faster scanning and uploading of images into the EHR.
  • 2021 – Now offering web-based EHR subscription service

    We announced the release of our upcoming latest version 10.0 which is completely rewritten as a browser based cloud application. This improvement over our previous Cloud version has more than 100 improvements including a faster interface, more powerful templates for Clinical Notes and a more modern looking User Interface. Version 10.0 is scheduled to be released in mid-2021

Our Services

From scheduling to charting, to patient engagement and billing, ChartPerfect’s healthcare software and services enables your practice to maximize efficiencies. Each service can be powerful alone, but is stronger together.
Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

With our award-winning EHR, you can be sure your small practice is getting an easy-to-learn interface that intuitively organizes the patient visit, helps providers document faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success.

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Practice Management

Practice Management

Spend more time with your patients and less time on administrative tasks with our built-in practice management and medical billing solutions. Drag-and-drop scheduling, automated appointment reminders, claim processing, and ePayments are just the beginning of how your practice can flourish.

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Medical Billing (RCM)

Medical Billing (RCM)

Our Revenue Cycle Management services provides you with billing professionals that will research opportunities within your practice area to help boost your collections. Your claims will get paid on time, every time.
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Social Impact
Social Impact
Giving Back
We care about our community and our environmental impact. Each year, we donate a portion of our revenue, time, and expertise to help nonprofit mission-based organizations maximize their impact and build a better world. Eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible practices are central to ChartPerfect’s culture.
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What Our Clients Are Saying​

  • “ChartPerfect RCM handles our transition from an in-house billing system seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism.The biling staff are knowledgeable, extremely professional and easily accessible. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work!”

    Joe A.
    Office Manager
  • “ChartPerfect RCM handles our transition from an in-house billing system seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism.The biling staff are knowledgeable, extremely professional and easily accessible. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work!”

    Joe A.
    Office Manager
  • “ChartPerfect RCM handles our transition from an in-house billing system seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism.The biling staff are knowledgeable, extremely professional and easily accessible. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work!”

    Joe A.
    Office Manager

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