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Designed and owned by physicians, ChartPerfect’s software and services are specifically built for the way you practice medicine. Discover why ChartPerfect is the best Urology EHR for small practices.

Customizable Urology EHR and Practice Management

Streamline your clinical workflow and spend more time with your patients using our all-in-one EHR and practice management platform. With no software to download or hardware to manage, you can access ChartPerfect anytime, anywhere on any modern PC, MAC, or mobile device.

ChartPerfect EHR customizable urology templates to document patient encounters
ChartPerfect EHR device connectivity technology for quicker documentation
ChartPerfect EHR electronic prescriptions prior authorization module
Simplify your clinical workflow and automate tasks with our fully customizable urology templates. Using our simple-to-use tools, you can easily import and edit images and add annotations enabling you to focus more on face time with your patient. Reduce the number of clicks and errors by utilizing popular voice recognition software, such as Dragon Medical™ to document patient encounters directly in the note.

Your time is valuable and traditional documentation is time consuming. With ChartPerfect’s innovative device connectivity technology, you can integrate x-ray images, CT scans, and sonograms directly into your patient’s chart. Our powerful interfaces quickly connects you to local and national labs, pharmacies, and hospitals – to support seamless data flow.

Reduce turn-around times, ensure accuracy, and minimize unfilled prescriptions with our powerful electronic prior authorization module. By leveraging this free ePA tool you can quickly check eligibility, drug formularies, medication pricing and compare lower cost drug alternatives at the point-of-care.

Additional EHR Features

e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) certified EHR

ePrescribing with EPCS

Eliminate the use of prescription pads and simplify the process with the ability to send electronic prescriptions of controlled and non-controlled substances to participating pharmacies nationwide from ChartPerfect.

referral management electronic health record (EHR)

MD Referrals

Receiving referrals from outside facilities is easy with our secure MD Messaging. Providers can send clinical data from their EHR to ChartPerfect. To reduce administrative tasks, data is mapped correct to each section of the chart and Notes, including PDF files.

Speech Recognition Software integrated EHR

Speech Dictation

With the use of integrated speech-to-text software such as Dragon Medical™ by Nuance, you can avoid click fatigue while making it easier to record clinical documentation.


Patient Portal

Establish a stronger patient/provider relationship with our HIPAA compliant patient portal. Let your patients fill out intake forms, make payments, request appointments, and exchange secure messages with their care team.



Increase efficiency and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks with automated messages. ChartPerfect enables your staff to send custom appointment and billing reminders via phone, text, or secure message.

MIPS certified EHR


Empowering your practice with our expert MIPS consultants and easy-to-use tools, ChartPerfect can help you participate to avoid a penalty and position you to maximize your opportunity to earn an incentive.

EHR Pricing Plans

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Effortlessly manage all major functions of your practice through one intuitive electronic health record and practice management platform.

per provider

*Fees and rates may apply


Effortlessly manage all major functions of your practice through one intuitive electronic health record and practice management platform.

per provider

*Fees and rates may apply

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