Managed Billing (RCM) Services for small practices

Working as an extension of your team, ChartPerfect’s billing experts can handle your revenue cycle process so you can focus on your patients.

Your Guide to Optimizing Revenues

From front-office training to CPT code and superbill optimization, our experts will help ensure operational efficiencies across your revenue cycle process. We combine ongoing workflow management, administration training, and practice performance consulting to allow providers to focus more on patient care and less on the complexities of medical billing.
ChartPerfect Managed Billing RCM team

Above and Beyond
We’re not your average revenue cycle management solution. We go beyond RCM making sure your practice is primed for long-term success. With the help of our billing experts and training teams, you will know what is needed on the front-end so your medical billing can be streamlined on the back-end.

Full Transparency
Our Managed Billing Services are based on transparency. You can track our progress and performance in real time. Your growth is measured using robust analytics tools and detailed monthly reporting that ensure accuracy, process efficiency, and accountability.

Actionable Reporting
ChartPerfect’s detailed reporting helps you track trends, uncover opportunities and address inefficiencies to help you stay on top of your practice revenues and performance. We provide a monthly snapshot of your practice’s performance with customized reporting and in-depth data on charges, payments, A/R, payer mix, and more. With ChartPerfect, you will have 100% visibility over your claims and know where your revenues are at all times.

Strategic Advice
ChartPerfect is designed to support your administrative staff in the critical role they play. With helpful feedback from your dedicated account manager, your staff will have access to the tools and training necessary to understand how their workflow impacts practice operations and the bottom line.

Specialty-Focused RCM Experts
Our specialty-focused billing experts ensure that every dollar is collected using proven MGMA standards, knowledge of the current reimbursement programs, and keeping up with the rapidly-changing healthcare landscape to reduce errors.

Dedicated Support
All ChartPerfect RCM accounts are assigned a dedicated account manager, giving you the security and comfort of working with a single point of contact who is familiar with your unique practice. You will have regularly scheduled meetings with your account manager and receive monthly performance reports.

ChartPerfect Specialty-Focused RCM Experts

Strength in Numbers

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Pursuing Revenues using MGMA Standards

From eligibility verification to payment collection, our team is equipped with advanced technology and over 20 years of medical billing experience to help your independent practice collect more revenues and get paid faster.
Eligibility Checks and Prior Authorizations

Eligibility Checks and Prior Authorizations

Eligibility verification allows us to routinely verify patient demographics. Insurance eligibility verification and prior authorization services not only leads to fewer claim rejections and denials, but it also increases upfront collections and improves patient satisfaction.

Claim Generation

Claim Generation

Our billing specialists review billing data for each provider and generate the claim ensuring your claims will be “clean” before being submitted. Using this process 98% of claims submitted by ChartPerfect are processed on first submission.
Electronic Claims Submission

Electronic Claims Submission

Claims are submitted at the end of each day for all providers. Claims are generated in ChartPerfect and transmitted through our clearinghouse in accordance with each health plan’s submission requirements.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Our intuitive credit card processing is fully integrated within the ChartPerfect workflow to help you get paid faster and increase patient collections. This service allows you to swipe a debit or credit card in the front office or manually enter credit card information in the back office, accept online patient payments, and then automatically post the payment.

Payment Posting and Processing

Payment Posting and Processing

We receive payment information daily from electronic remittance advice (ERA), paper EOBs, and patient statements. Payments are reviewed, posted by CPT line, and closed out daily.

Secondary and Tertiary Claims

Secondary and Tertiary Claims

Our billing specialists follow your claims through the entire billing cycle. Secondary and Tertiary claims are automatically submitted when required and patients are billed for any outstanding balances that do not have write-off rules.

Patient Billing

Patient Billing

ChartPerfect performs patient billing and collection follow ups. Patient statements are sent on a schedule based on your practice’s needs. We offer a toll-free number for patient calls. Our dedicated customer service team will treat your patients with respect while providing assistance with their billing inquiries.
Claim Follow-up, Denials and Appeals

Claim Follow-up, Denials and Appeals

Every outstanding claim and denial is reviewed by our billing team and resubmitted to comply with timely filing. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge on rejection reasons which allows them to work closely with our clearinghouse and each payer to get your claims paid.

Focusing on Collections

On average, practices see a 10% growth in revenues while reducing administrative costs using ChartPerfect’s billing services. From the beginning of the process to posting payments, our medical billing experts and account managers are there to help you succeed. Our goal is to help you with ongoing strategic opportunities to unlock additional revenues, reduce costs, and optimize cash flow.

ChartPerfect managed billing RCM experts Focusing on Collections
ChartPerfect RCM handled our transition from an in-house billing system seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism. The billing staff are knowledgeable, extremely professional and easily accessible. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work!”
Joe A., OM

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for RCM services?
Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. Our fees are spelled out up front, with no hidden charges.
How can you save me money?
CPT code reviews, consistent work on all three sections of billing; Charges, Payments and Collections allows us to increase collections 10% on average. We only get paid when you get paid, so no hourly fees or benefit costs.
Do you have experience in my specialty?

Our professional medical billing experts can effectively work with most specialties including allergy, cardiology, colorectal, dermatology, internal and family medicine, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, podiatry, rheumatology, urology and surgery.

Please contact us to discuss more about your requirements in your specialty of practice.

When can we expect payment when using your services?
All payments and funds remain in your control within ChartPerfect. Payments are sent directly to your bank account by the payers. In instances where paper checks are received, they will be delivered to the remit address of your choice.
Are you a collection agency?
No. ChartPerfect offers an RCM service that focuses on billing. We work with patients and payers on past due claims based on the rules provided by the practice. We continue to work each claim until payment is either received or written off by the practice. Statements are sent to patients and follow-up calls are completed as needed.
Are my records and information confidential?
ChartPerfect is HIPAA compliant and signs a HIPAA BAA with each practice. All information is stored in ChartPerfect and accessible by the practice. All paper documents are destroyed once processed.
Are there additional charges?
Any additional charges like dropping to paper or data entry services are discussed and quoted based on each client’s needs. Generally there are no additional charges for standard billing services.

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