Finally, an EHR that goes Skin Deep for Dermatology

Designed by physicians, ChartPerfect’s software and services lets you customize for the way you practice medicine. Discover all the ways that ChartPerfect is the best Dermatology EHR/EMR for practices like yours.

Maximize Efficiency with an EHR and PM Software Created for Dermatology

We provide tailored solutions to fit the needs of your medical practice. Our all-in-one Dermatology EHR and Practice Management solution is designed to simplify clinical tasks and leverage the latest automation technologies allowing you to spend more time with your patients.
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Built specifically for dermatology, our templates can be tailored to meet each provider’s charting preferences. Clinical Notes have multiple exam sections, including the ability to add multiple pictures for each exam. Free text and point-and-click workflow allows you to seamlessly chart visit notes, tests and referral follow-ups.

You can easily order electronic labs directly from within ChartPerfect using our HL7 laboratory integrations. You can minimize paperwork and errors with pathology reports that automatically populate to the patient’s chart. Review results from a patient’s chart without the need to navigate away from the screen, optimizing your clinical efficiency.
Save time at the point of care by capturing high resolution pictures using your tablet, digital camera, or mobile device and easily add them to the chart and clinical note. With the assistance of our user-friendly image editing tools, you can annotate areas of concern for improved documentation and patient outcome in just a few clicks.

Additional Features



Avoid penalties and maximize reimbursements with the support of our MIPS/MACRA specialists. We'll help you analyze current performance, identify areas of improvement and even assist with attestation and reporting.

MD Referrals

ChartPerfect's secure MD Messaging makes it easier to coordinate care, provide a comprehensive view of patient health, and allows for referrals from other providers electronically. To reduce administrative tasks and costly data entry errors, referrals can be imported and mapped to the correct section of the patient's chart.


ePrescribing with EPCS

Eliminate the need to manually verify prior authorizations using our built-in module. ChartPerfect's ePrescribing module allows you to quickly and conveniently prescribe medications including controlled substances (EPCS) in just a few clicks. Responding to refill requests can be done quickly and easily at the office or away, in real-time.


Scribe & Speech

By integrating popular HIPAA-compliant speech recognition software, such as Dragon™, you and your staff can use voice dictation from within each section of the note. As a result, you can spend less time documenting and creating accurate notes while focusing more on the patient.



Increase staff efficiency and reduce no-shows with automated reminders and messages. Patients can receive appointment confirmations, lab results notifications, and other information per their preference, such as phone call, text message, or secure email.


Patient Portal

Encourage patients’ involvement in their care by giving them the tools to access their information and communicate with your practice. Our Patient Portal allows patients to request Rx refills, view lab results, make appointments and exchange secure messages with your care team.

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Effortlessly manage all major functions of your practice through one intuitive electronic health record and practice management platform.

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Effortlessly manage all major functions of your practice through one intuitive electronic health record and practice management platform.

per provider

*Fees and rates may apply

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