Interoperability through HL7 Integration

Save time and provide faster, more proactive patient care by connecting ChartPerfect to national and local hospitals, laboratories, registries and devices to make the most of every encounter.

Exchange patient data seamlessly with HL7 Interfaces

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks. ChartPerfect lets you connect directly to hospitals, laboratories, and immunization registries—plus wearable devices to get more from your EHR in less time. With specialized knowledge of Health Level 7 (HL7) interfaces, our interoperability platform connects data from different health information systems to improve visibility across the continuum of care.

Simplified Ordering

Simplified Ordering

Streamline your workflow by connecting to local and national laboratories, pathology, and diagnostic centers. Simply place orders within the EHR. Results and reports automatically upload into the patient’s chart for easy access and review.

Access beyond your walls

Access beyond your walls

Patient care rarely begins and ends within the walls of a practice. Our advanced interfaces allow you to easily refer and share your patient’s including lab orders and imaging results, structured clinical data, and chart notes with other providers, laboratories, pharmacies, registries and more.

Exchange multiple forms of information

Exchange multiple forms of information

As a powerful interoperability tool, HL7 enables you to store and exchange demographics, immunization records, clinical documents, laboratory and pathology orders and results—including images and with embedded PDF formats.
Automated submissions to registries

Automated submissions to registries

Promote interoperability and meet measures for Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) with ChartPerfect’s secure and automatic uploads of patients’ immunization records to public health agencies.

Interoperability for everyone

By utilizing HL7 standards, ChartPerfect ensures that relevant patient information can be seamlessly transferred across thousands of healthcare systems nationwide—enabling you to make better clinical decisions more efficiently and provide the best care for your patients.

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We aim for every new client to experience a smooth, successful transition to our all-in-one EHR and Practice Management platform. Whether you want ChartPerfect to work out of the box, or require more sophisticated interfaces, our team uses a collaborative approach to plan, implement and launch a fully operational and secure solution. We then work closely with your team and measure our success by continuously improving our product to meet your practice’s ever-evolving needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can patient results on lab/pathology data flow back into ChartPerfect?
Yes, the information flows back as discrete data, PDF, or a combination of the two.
How does a refill request go back into ChartPerfect?

A prescription refill request comes into ChartPerfect via pharmacy messaging to the staff inbox. Other workflow channels such as routing the refill request to a staff member as a tasking in ChartPerfect is also supported.

Can ChartPerfect interface with my local lab?

ChartPerfect can interface with any lab that supports HL7 messaging. ChartPerfect currently offers interfaces to more than 100 local and national facilities across the country. To find out if your preferred lab interfaces with ChartPerfect already or if an interface can be established, please visit our Partners page for details.

Can patient-generated data from a remote monitoring device flow back to the patient’s chart in ChartPerfect EHR?

If your device supports web services and HL7 or XLM, the information can flow back as discrete data, PDF, or a combination of the two.

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