ChartPerfect Telehealth

Implementing the latest technologies, our fully integrated telehealth solution enables you to transform your small practice and virtually connect with new and existing patients — anytime, anywhere.

Connecting patients and providers beyond the clinic walls.

ChartPerfect EHR telehealth solution with patient

Why use ChartPerfect Telehealth?

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Secure Sharing

Share your screen for helpful, real-time collaboration. Securely display documents such as photos, voice notes, PDFs, and other files with ease.

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In-Session Charting

Create a seamless workflow by taking patient notes alongside video calls on the same screen. Create notes with templates or customize your own.

Group of people speaking to each other

Group Messaging

Create groups on the fly to improve workflow collaboration, and see when team members have read your message.

Patients waiting in queue

Patient Queue

Our patient queue feature allows you to see that your next patient has checked in, and even allows you to jump between patients easily.

Stopwatch on patient meeting history notes

Meeting History

ChartPerfect’s Telehealth module will automatically keep track of the date, time, and duration of every session so you don’t have to.

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Automated Patient Outreach

Keep patients engaged through automated messaging to save time spent on the phone, while reducing the risk of cancellations and no-shows.

Monitor and mobile phone device

Voice, Video, & Text

Create a robust "virtual" clinical visit experience to treat patients anywhere and anytime they need you. Connect securely with patients using video, chat, voice, or SMS.

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No additional platforms to learn. No other vendors. You can complete a full telehealth visit — from appointment scheduling through billing — without ever leaving ChartPerfect.

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Private and Secure

All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and no provider or patient audio/video is stored. We comply with ePHI, HITECH, and HIPAA privacy requirements.

Why telehealth makes sense for your practice

Telehealth is defined as the delivery of health care services at a distance through the use of digital technology. It can include everything from conducting medical visits over video conferencing, to monitoring patients’ vital signs remotely through wearable devices.

The benefits associated with telemedicine are making a mark in the medical community. Telehealth saves time and offers an efficient solutions. Many telehealth technologies encourage patients to be more engaged in their care. The more patients learn about their health, the more empowered they are to make decisions that will benefit them.

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Improves Efficiency

Telehealth improves workflows and streamlines efficiency across care teams. Features such as automated messaging, appointment reminders, and prescription ordering allow providers to spend time with the patient and and less on the computer.

increase of revenue with telehealth
Boosts Revenue

Providers who offer telemedicine services may incur fewer overhead costs. You can turn on-call hours into billable time, decrease appointment length, and improve workflow.

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Enhances Quality of Care

A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care. Telehealth empowers patients to address healthcare issues quickly and learn about treatment options in minutes.

Designed for You and Your Patients

Telehealth is the Future

of patients say that digital devices and virtual health improve doctor/patient communication.

of patients prefer easy access to healthcare services over in-person interactions with providers.

of patients say digital technology helps them engage in their own health care and with their clinical team.

of patients seeking a virtual visit say it would be useful to receive education on a specific disease, such as diabetes.

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