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A Truly Easy-to-Use EHR at the Core of Internal Medicine

Designed by physicians, ChartPerfect is built for the way Internists practice medicine. How perfect is that? Below are several reasons why ChartPerfect is the best EHR for your practice.


Diagnosing, treating, prescribing and tracking your patients’ health is easier and more detailed when you can record and manage the blood work, biopsies, prescriptions chronic conditions, patient photos, and more with ChartPerfect’s Internal Medicine EHR module. See the Charting features below for more details.

With ChartPerfect Internal Medicine EHR, images can be added to your Note in real-time using the camera in your device, a digital camera, or a scanner. The image can be added to any Note, and even positioned or resized. Editing the image is just a double-click and allows you to annotate or adjust the image as needed. Multiple images can also be placed in any Note, in any position, anytime.

Easy-to-Upload Patient Pictures
Built-In Editing Tools
Pre-loaded Anatomy Illustrations

Orders & Results

Your practice depends on timely and accurate testing to diagnose and monitor your patients’ health. ChartPerfect’s advanced EMR provides you with paperless, bi-directional connections with Health Care Centers to support obtaining better results, faster. Learn more in our Orders & Results feature below.

Internal Medicine Templates

You include a lot of details in every Note you write for your patients’ health records. So ChartPerfect includes Internal Medicine-specific Note templates that make adding those details easier than ever, including a point & click interface that’s familiar and easy to use.


Take a Closer Look at ChartPerfect

Clinical Chart Notes

Charting is designed to suit the way you document.

Laboratory Interface
Order labs and receive results electronically.
State Vaccine Registry

Transmit vaccine data to your registry at the end of each day, all automatically.

Role Based Dashboards
Intuitive dashboard for daily tasks and activities.
Intra Office Messaging
Send messages to one or multiple users in the office. Messages can also include attachments.
eFaxing In & Out
ChartPerfect uses the SRfax engine to send and receive faxes. Each fax will automatically be delivered to the inbox.
Electronic Superbills
Once a note is ready, you will be directed to Read More
 Diagnostic Interface
Order diagnostics and receive results electronically, including images.
ICD-10 Plus!
ICD Coding truly made easy. ChartPerfect will prompt you to select the correct code based on logical history questions.
Patient Education
Provide patients with up to date patient specific education based on ICD code, Medication or Lab results.
Patient Portal
Share only the information you choose with your patients. You can even send texts and emails.
Eliminate paper prescriptions with our built in SureScripts module.

MD Secure Messaging

Refer patients to another MD using our Secure MD Messaging system.
Rx Prior Authorizations
With the built in ePA you can check to be sure the medication you are prescribing and view the status of the ePA.
Meaningful Use Certified
Our EHR allows you to stay current with MU requirements using our easy-to-use Dashboard and Reporting System.

Summary Overview

ChartPerfect is an award-winning all-in-one EHR and Practice Management solution with more than 20 years of success in the healthcare space. 

We provide practices with advanced, award-winning tools allowing them to maximize productivity and profitability, while continually helping them to improve patient care. 

Our philosophy is quite simple – Customer support is our first priority. When you call ChartPerfect you will be greeted by a support specialist who has a deep understanding of our products, services, and the healthcare industry.

ChartPerfect has continued to thrive in healthcare since 1999, because we understand our industry and have a private practice as well. Our commitment to delivering innovation, service, and value is steadfast, and that enduring commitment ensures our success as well as that of our clients. 

We will continue to explore new technologies and work toward simplifying the functionality of our software with the goal of remaining paperless, streamlining visits, processes, and reducing operating costs for our clients.

  • Priced for the Small Practice
  • All-In-One EHR and PM Solution
  • US Based Live Support Agents
  • Physician Owned and Designed
  • Top Rated EHR 3 Years Running
  • Built-In and Customizable Templates
  • ePrescribing and EPCS

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